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We are pleased to provide you with the latest Test & Measurement news from Rohde & Schwarz for Aerospace and Defense.
EMI Test from 2 Hz to 500 GHz with R&S®ESW EMI Test Receiver
Meet requests for EMI tests above 40 GHz with an R&S®ESW EMI Test Receivercombined with an external mixer. Option ESW-B21 for an ESW 26 or 44 is an interface to connect external harmonic mixers, optimized for the R&S®FS-Z family which support frequency ranges from 40 GHz to 500 GHz.
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Unique real-time sequencing for radar test with R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
Generate pulsed signals lasting many seconds much faster, with vastly reduced memory requirements for effective radar test.  Modify the signals directly and immediately on the R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator, with option K501 for extended sequencing.  Calculate a signal immediately from a sequencing list without any need for waveform segments. This unique method is patented by R&S.
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Generate 60 GHz band signals with the simplest test setup available
Generate high quality test signals in the 60 GHz band with the R&S®SZU100A IQ Upconverter combined with any R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator with the Wideband Baseband Generator Option SMW-B9.  Control for the SZU100A is fully integrated into the SMW200A user interface.  For the first time, a simple-to-use signal source for modulated signals in the 60 GHz band is available.
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R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer adds market leading 1.2 GHz internal analysis bandwidth
Analyze wideband signals at frequencies from 50 MHz to 50 GHz. With option B1200, theR&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzerintroduces the widest internal analysis bandwidth available, 1.2 GHz; 20% wider with a spurious-free dynamic range 9 dB better than the nearest competitor. Option B1200 is available for the FSW43 and FSW50.
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R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester supports phase noise measurements to 500 GHz and beyond
Extend the frequency range for phase noise measurements with R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer beyond the 50 GHz supported internally using the B21 interface to connect external harmonic mixers. The R&S®FS-Z frequency extenders support frequency ranges from 50 GHz to 500 GHz.
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New ZC500 Frequency Converter for R&S® ZVA/T Network Analyzers; improved performance and form
The latest in the new family of R&S®ZCxxx Millimeter-Wave Converters for an R&S®ZVT20 or any R&S®ZVA (apart from a ZVA8) covers the frequency range from 325 GHz to 500 GHz, to provide an uninterrupted frequency range with the new R&S®ZC up-converter family from 110 GHz to 500 GHz. 
The R&S®ZC500 features increased output power (industry best), 15 dB more dynamic range, power sweep up to 50 dB, and damage protection from overheating and out of range input power.
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R&S®CMA180 Radio Test Set adds replay for directly recorded waveforms
Use the R&S®CMA180 Radio Test Set to record IQ data from a signal, and then replay the signal as required. Use the new function to store and re-use test signals from customized signal sources, such as golden devices, for sensitivity tests using such signals.
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R&S®RTO2000 Digital Oscilloscopes introduce 6 GHz bandwidth
R&S®RTO2000 Digital Oscilloscopes increase the maximum bandwidth to 6 GHz, with an update rate of 1 Million wfms/s and 2 GSample memory depth. The 6 GHz bandwidth is available either in the new R&S®RTO2064, or as a hardware update to any RTO2000. For the RTO2064, the full bandwidth of 6 GHz is available for 2 channels, 4 GHz on 4 channels.
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Simplifying Radar Waveform Generation using R&S®Pulse Sequencer Software
This application note introduces the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software which is ideal for generating waveforms for radar tests.  This application note guides you through the necessary steps to generate a realistic, arbitrary RF signal environment.  It includes examples applicable for R&D, as well as before and during operational use.
Application Note
Measurement of Beamforming Antenna in Transmit Mode
This application note shows how to use R&S Network Analyzers to characterize the passive part of multi-element antennas intended for beam forming.
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